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Virtual Backtable 3.0 is the newest surgical analytics platform designed specifically for Hospitals to make meaningful and immediate reductions in OR costs.

Improving Quality Measures

Improving Patient Outcomes

With the launch of Virtual Backtable 3.0 in the summer of 2014, S2 Interactive introduced customizable dashboards that display surgeon, procedure and staff member specific information for the OR Administrator via a user-friendly interface. For the first time, OR managers have one glance visibility into a variety of metrics and analytics 100% focused on intraoperative management.

Surgeon, procedure and OR staff specific metrics

Can have an immediate impact – cost savings within 60 days

Instead of facing an overwhelming amount of data that takes months, if not years, to result in positive benefits for the hospital balance sheet, VBT 3.0 makes it easy for OR Administrators to focus on precise information; analyze critical data and make swift improvements that can have an immediate impact – within 60 days. It is the ability to have “an immediate positive impact” that makes VBT 3.0 unique.

A case study that demonstrates this is: Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital (MGH) is a nationally recognized, 309-bed, full service hospital located in a community setting. During the summer of 2014, they commenced an instrument tray streamlining project for the various trays within the ENT specialty. There are 24 various ENT surgeons practicing at MGH and the goal was to identify the unused instruments per tray, per procedure for every ENT surgeon in order to reduce waste (processing costs for unused instruments) and make procedures more efficient. This analysis involved 171 unique surgeon specific procedures amongst the 24 ENT surgeons.

With the assistance of VBT 3.0, MGH identified over $46,000 dollars of cost savings from processing unused instruments for the 171 ENT procedures over the course of 11 days. The software required 4.5 hours of staff time and resulted in identifying an average of 108 unused instruments per procedure. VBT 3.0 generated instrument lists per tray to match the streamlining required to achieve such savings.

The new dashboard on Virtual Backtable offers an important upgrade to S2 Interactive’s pioneering surgical platform that is already transforming the way Surgical Administrators respond to the three most common challenges facing them today.

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Reduce Costs

Eroding margins from declining provider reimbursement are putting a financial strain on surgical departments looking to improve efficiency and outcomes, while lowering costs.


Standardization leads to greater efficiency in the OR and patient safety is enhanced by reducing the number of variables that can occur during surgery.

Patient Safety

Hospitals are under pressure to prove their staff are adequately trained as protection from liability issues and currently this is a manual and subjective process.